Many years ago I became involved with a grass roots mission called Amigos de Salud founded by Dr. Nick Morrison and his wife Terri.  For more than 20 years they have brought together medical professionals to donate their time and talents to provide treatment to underserved villages in Ecuador and Nicaragua.

Dr. Debbie Venkatesh testing a young boy during a mission trip to Central America.

This little boy is Javier. I met him last summer as we traveled with Amigos de Salud to Ecaudor. Without our help, he would have gone through life without any treatment for his hearing loss. We travel to small villages where there is no specialized medical treatment.  Our days are quite long, but the work is gratifying, knowing that with our efforts we are dramatically improving the quality of life for those that we can serve.


His reaction to hearing again is the same as what I see in my practice here in Tempe and Mesa. There is a sense of awe and excitement when one begins to hear what was once lost. Whether it’s a child or an 88 year-old grandmother, there is a certain sparkle I see in their eyes after fitting their hearing aids. Words don’t express it, is it is something very simple, its that reaction, that moment, that look in their eyes that makes doing what I do a joy.

If you would like to help bring much needed medical care to remote parts of Central America, you can learn more about Amigos de Saluds here,