pre release photo of the new ReSound LiNX hearing aidWe’ve seen amazing advancements in hearing aids over the years that I’ve been a practicing Audiologist. They’re smaller, the sound quality is far greater and they are far more programmable to the needs of each patient. Now the claim, “World’s Smartest Hearing Aid?” That’s what tech writers are saying about the introduction of ReSound’s LiNX, the first made for iPhone hearing aid.

ReSound unveiled the device at the Consumer Electronic Show in Las Vegas last month. CES 2014 brought together the most innovative electronics makers in the world, tech writers and industry players. The annual CES show sets the tone for many of the products we see as consumers in the coming year. ReSound LiNX was recognized by CES for innovation. It’s the first time that any hearing aid maker presented a new product as a consumer electronic as opposed to a piece of medical equipment.

MSN Tech writer, Jamie Carter, hailed LiNX as one of the “Best Bluetooth Smart Gadgets”, saying its providing “a whole new kind of hearing experience.”  WIRED Magazine and MensXP included ReSound LiNX in their “Coolest Gadgets at CES” articles.

Practice Owner and longtime industry writer of Just Audiology Stuff, Geoffrey Cooling, thinks the device “will attract fifty and even forty somethings.” He sees the hearing aid industry moving from corrective devices to “enhancement” devices.

Like so many other technologies that have enhanced our quality of life, none has been more life changing than our smart phones and tablets. Think of how we now use these gadgets daily to get information, connect, shop; even control music, lighting and our home heating and cooling. LiNX wearers can make adjustments to different listening situations using their iPhone or iPad. Did I mention the LiNX is incredibly small and stylish too?

The LiNX is slated for release around the first of March. Contact our office if you would like to learn more about the LiNX and other amazing advancements in hearing instruments.

–Dr. Debbie Venkatesh